“Benito Sistemas” was born in 1958 at Navia, Asturias, Northern Spain, as a modest workshop employing 5 people. At the time we manufactured wood windows and some other wood-related products. Later, and after some investments of the many to come, this big small-company starts growing to become today a reference of the market. We own some 16.000 m2 of installations and a showroom in the factory. We have our own showrooms in Asturias, a big distribution network nationwide and an ever-growing presence in the international markets.

Such a long period of growing activity is plainly based on a simple formula that hasworked for the last 50 years: At “Benito Sistemas” we know that it is not enough to offer our clients an innovative high-quality product, but to care before, during and af1ter every project is undertaken.


Not least, we have been continuously looking for innovation, what makes of “Benito Sistemas” the company for the next 50 years.