The series “Blinder Aluminium-clad Wood” offers six different systems:


Blinder Premier Blinder Urbana Blinder Xana
Maxclima Blinder Maxvisión Blinder


The combination of a wood structure protected with an outer frame in aluminium, has revealed to be the perfect solution for all kinds of windows. Its contribution to create a warm and comfortable atmosphere and its exceptional resistance against extreme weather conditions, place these window systems as an undisputed option if we follow aesthetic and longevity criteria.


In Benito Sistemas we use state-of-the-art technology to manufacture our windows, adding to the high-performance of the wood and finishings, an imported aluminium, unbeatable for its resistance and dynamic features.


Our series “Blinder Aluminium-clad Wood” is a solution that unites the technical advantages of the aluminium with the beauty and colour of the wood. The result is a perfect thermic and acoustic as well as water and air insulation. And this combined with a total absence of maintenance.


Serie Blinder